Sponsor A Millennial

Sometimes I feel like the guy in the hardware store in The Garden State when it comes to support raising. Feeling I have to sell or validate the work I do in ministry like its some ponzi scheme to convince others.

I’m opening my own business. I’m looking for smart people – like you Large. I should get your number.

Um..yeah..that’d be cool.

I’d like to talk to you…both…about a good opportunity, for you and your loved ones. We all have dreams. I know I do. I’d like to talk to you about an exciting opportunity people are talking about…

Yikes. No buddy likes that guy.

A mentor of mine, Dave Runyon, recently gave me the biz on my generation. He showed me Millennial International on his phone, while laughing much too hard, and holding up the parking lot exit at Starbucks.

I do want to live missionally my whole life. I don’t want to support raise my whole life. It’s humbling asking 44 of your good friends to send money each month. So with the help of Jeff Goins & Joe Bunting, I’m creating a plan.

Platform building isn’t easy. I’m learning that first hand. It takes time and effort. What will that platform be and how will it impact you? I guess I-You-We are about to find out.

Watching this video should remind all of us to have a plan.

Declan. Ha.
From Beverly Hills. Haaa!

Touche’ Runyon.

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