Fear is a Liar


Setting – The Bible.

Here we are in Exodus at the end of our 40 years wondering around in the wilderness and the Lord is doing a new thing. Time to come into our inheritance. The problem is, our inheritance lies in new territory. One flowing with milk and honey but overrun with giants and new challenges.

This presents a new element in trying to reach the Promise Land. Fear.

Here’s the thing about fear. Fear is a liar.

Fear keeps you wandering in wilderness. It’s tells you what you can’t do and where you can’t go. And fear has become a safe place for many of us not to take risk…not to dream big. At least you know what to expect with your fear, so why move out of the comfortable and into the unknown?


Wrong. The majority report will tell you seek safety. It’s good. It’s known. Why move? This majority also died in a nomadic desert existence, never truly understanding their identity or calling. Bummer.

Courage is Joshua and Caleb stepping out of the wilderness and into the Promised land. Trust says the Lord has given us this territory, and it’s our dominion to rule over. Courage is understanding you’ve been given favor and promises for which every resource under heaven is at your disposal.

It was called “The Promised Land” for a reason. Problem is, you can’t cross into the land unless you believe the promise of what the Lord says about you and the dreams He’s given you.

I believe dreams are hidden promises waiting to be unlocked by the Creator whose creative spirit resides in his kiddos.

Try This. A Practice in Dreaming.

Take out a piece of paper, maybe even a colored pen or two. Write down ten dreams. If it’s something you can do out of your own ability, chances are you probably aren’t dreaming big enough.

Dream BIG. Take Risk.

At least…that’s my hope as I start writing my first book.


4 thoughts on “Fear is a Liar

  1. Andrea says:

    Yes! Just last night the lord was saying to dream and be creative-it’s what we were born for and into. Just like our dad is a creator, we were made to create. The lord was saying to explore new territory and that it’s impossible to go in the wrong if we’re going with Him. I drew a bee flying and a whale diving. Fly high, dive deep, he said. I curiously looked up how high a bee can fly and it turns out bees can fly higher than Mount Everest (which scientists are still boggled by) and its just been discovered that whales can dive deeper and longer than any other mammal. Crazy. All that to say, I think you’re right on with all of the above. I wonder what would be possible if we kept flying higher or continued to push deeper, unaware (some may say, childlike), of the possibilities that await us?


    • nathan salley tells a story says:

      “I drew a bee flying and a whale diving.”

      I freakin love this image. I might steal it. Or share it. It’s too good not to. And that’s amazing He gave you that image that turns out bees can hit the highest highs and whales the deepest depths. That’s a image worth remembering!

      Thanks Andrea!


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