Kingdom Stories – Both Local & Abroad

You know what I’m taking about.

It’s that website or blog where the guy or gal talks about himself the whole time. It’s an online journal. Don’t get me wrong – that has its value and purpose. Being vulnerable with your own story is an invitation for others to do the same.

But that alone is not enough to build a platform. Your voice matters. But only as far as the content drives people toward action and invitations to dive deeper into their own story.

One way conversations don’t breed relationship. Reciprocal relationships instills value in both parties. The opposite of a reciprocal relationship would be a transactional one…which we all know isn’t really a relationship at all.

So why talk about our relationship? Why bring this up.

Heaven forbid this becomes just another blog adding to the noise in your inbox. Just another line to tweet or pretty photo with some caption of a dead author to inspire us for the day.

No please.

I want to tell stories that matter.

And in the very near future, I hope to transform this blog into stories of what the Lord is up to both locally and abroad. Not just my story. Your story. Kingdom stories. Stories of everyday people making kingdom choices and inviting kingdom presence in the places they work and live.

I’d love for you to continue to be a part of that conversation, and help me make that transition into building a platform that speaks of Jesus, and adds value to your everyday life.

Stick with me folks.

My first series is about to begin.


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