How to Build a Platform…No Really, How Does One Do That?

I believe I promised you all some photos from India. And I have them. And want to share them. But instead of a here-you-go-kind-of-post, I’m gonna s..l..o..w my roll a little, and not just dump a bunch of photos up without context or story.

So instead…well…I’d would like to start to build a platform.

“A what?”

“A platform.”

“What does that mean?”

I’m about to find out. I had my buddy Joe from The Write Practice take a look at my book. Under full disclosure, and the practice of being vulnerable, here’s what he had to say. Or a paraphrase rather.

Salley, I think the book could be really great. I’m a believer in your voice. It’s clear, compelling, unique, and your life experience is really great. And if you decide to make writing more of a paid gig, and desire to do anything with this book, I suggest you hold off on paying someone to edit it, and work on building your platform first. And….this book would need to be rebuilt from the ground up, but your voice & life experience could make it work.

Wait. So you’re saying I have some skills around writing. The book was good, or readable rather. But your next step isn’t to get it polished up for editing. And instead, I should spent the next six months creating or building a platform that could create momentum around the kind of stories I’m seeking to tell? And there is potential of my writing being something more.

I then asked my old boss, and giver-of-good-advice slash best-seller Jeff Goins what he thought. Jeff is a man of few words via text/email. His thoughts, “I agree with Joe. And send me your book.”

Basically, I’ll take a look at it too and see if its not total crap, but if you wanting to actually make a career of telling stories that matter, building a platform that has momentum and followers would be the key to start.

So that’s what I’m gonna do. The next 6 months I have some extra time carved out each week to work on this. And if at the end of 6 months, there isn’t momentum/followers, at least I’ve learned a few more things around marketing, copywriting, blogging, social media, and websites.

But… if there is movement there, then I’ll send my book plan to an editor with a book plan and move forward on trying to get my book published.


You mean I have to be patient and actually put in the hard work and not just try to catch a lucky break when it comes to this stuff?


That being said. I’m still another 6 months out from even presenting my book anywhere for publish. Even if that is self-publish. Thus…this blog, will become something…different…new…in the very soon future.

I don’t mean to string you along as reader. I hope to add value to your time. And I think I can do that better moving forward. So stay tuned folks! And look for my photos on another website also coming soon!





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