Alright, Alright, Alright.

It reminded me of my world travels. The stacks of filled journals in my closet. It also reminder me of the journals I've written in the last 3 years. I could sum up those journals from 2019-now in one word. "Why?"

“I’m Terrible, Thanks for Asking”

Ok. So... No. I haven't published a book. Or made it any further than where I ended in 2017. Instead, to quote a political pundit (something I never have ever done in my life) my 2019-2020 has felt like our last national debate, "A Hot Mess, Inside A Dumpster Fire, Inside A Train Wreck." . … Continue reading “I’m Terrible, Thanks for Asking”

Kingdom Stories – Both Local & Abroad

One way conversations don't breed relationship. Reciprocal relationships instills value in both parties. The opposite of a reciprocal relationship would be a transactional one...which we all know isn't really a relationship at all.

Sponsor A Millennial

I don't want to support raise my whole life. So with the help of Jeff Goins & Joe Bunting, I'm creating a plan. Platform building isn't easy. I'm learning that first hand. It takes time and effort. What will that platform be and how will it impact you? I guess I-You-We are about to find out.

How to Build a Platform…No Really, How Does One Do That?

Wait. So you're saying I have some skills around writing. The book was good, or readable rather. But your next step isn't to get it polished up for editing. And instead, I should spent the next six months creating or building a platform that could create momentum around the kind of stories I'm seeking to tell?

Chapter 1 – The Back Story

“So does this mean I get another Make A Wish trip!?” “No. Sorry. You only get one Make A Wish.”

My Interview With A 3rd Grade Classroom

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure." - Paulo Coelho