Welp…my first draft is being edited as we speak!

Once I get it back from my buddy, I’ll make those changes and suggestions, clearly write out my book plan for submission, and send it off to another professional for edits.

Stick with me folks.

Feels like I’m just getting started in making this book become a reality. My goal is to publish by end of June this year. That goal feels a little lofty, but I think a lofty goal is ok. It’s probably not a real goal if its not something one must reach for…numbers 3,6,27,19.

I think I read that in a fortune cookie one time.

In the meantime, Tyler Boyd encouraged me to write some voice over narratives for some promo videos we’ll be shooting in India. So my writing continues, just in a different avenue this week.

Thanks for following along. I’ll try to paint a picture of India for you once I get back. In the meantime, this photo will have to do.



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