100 Day Book Challenge Begins


Felt like my first day of school last week having to introduce myself to the other members of the program for why & what I’m hoping to write.

And I have homework. Like actual homework with deadlines to be accomplished each week. You get $100 back if you complete the course in 100 days (if you don’t miss 3 deadlines).

Also, you have to create your own consequences for if you miss a deadline. Here are mine…

1.     Cut off my pinky toe. It’s not really that important anyways. Kidding. Um…I don’t know. Not drink alcohol for a week (I like beer).

2.     Give my wife $50 of my flex spending for the month. I don’t want to do this.

3.     Sign-up for a 2nd round of “100 Days.” Put more skin in the game. No thanks.

If you have entirely too much free time on your hands, you can follow me here. Just find the follow button (bottom right on the website) and slap your email in there.

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