I did it.

I did it?

I did it!!!



I wrote a book in 100 days! Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Now what? Feels a little anticlimactic.

But I’m sure there was loads of fluff and random words thrown into that first draft to hit my goal. Meaning many more edits to come. But that’s part of the process right? Just getting something out there.

So my next steps….

  1. Wait. Yep….just wait. I submitted the first draft for edit to my buddy Joe of The Write Practice. He’ll know what to do next. So I’m taking a break from this book for 3-6 weeks til he sends me the first round of edits.
  2. Next, make changes from those edits
  3. Send it off again to another editor to critique
  4. Make those changes
  5. Have dad read and correct any last grammatical or structural edits
  6. Make those changes
  7. Stop making edits and be ok with it not being perfect
  8. Work on book cover with Evan Huwa
  9. Send off to publishing companies
  10. Get published

I’m sure I’m missing like 17 steps here, but I’ll figure it out as I go. My overall goal isn’t to just complete a manuscript, but to publish a book. I hope to reach that goal by June of 2017. Having said that, this surely won’t be my last post.

I wanted to update you on my next project in India early February to make some promo videos for ICM with Tyler Boyd & Alex Ruiz.

What’s the point of writing this book or heading to India to make short films? I’m glad you asked. More and more I’m sensing my life vision is to tell stories of what the Lord is doing both locally and abroad in relation to issues of justice and living missionally. Both the book, and this video project fits quite nicely into that goal.

What would you say your life vision is? Have you spent time to think about that? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

As per usual, thanks for joining me today!

See ya soon,

One thought on “Submitted!

  1. Mandee says:

    That’s a good question; I haven’t given much thought to my life vision lately. My mind is consumed with wondering if I’ve irreparably damaged my children so these thoughts flit away. Thank you for asking the question I should be asking.
    And congratulations.


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