How Dreams & Risk Work Together

Dream Map

Ever since I can remember I’ve dreamed. Dreamed of doing this or that, going here or there. In college I had a map on my apartment wall.

When people came over, I’d have them write their name on a sticky note, find a country they’ve dreamed of going to, and slap a sticky note on the map. Their was however a playful caveat. Once you post it, you must commit to going there.

I called it the Dream Map. A visual contract of sorts.

After a year, my map had 50 names posted all over the world. No two people listed the same country. Imagine that – 50 different people – 50 different countries. Each person a different country imprinted on their heart. Kinda sounds like that nations-being-our-inheritance-thingy.

Now take a moment and imagine what the Father could do with that.

Look… I understand 92.5% of the people that placed  sticky note on that map , mostly likely never will venture out to see it. But the Dream Map, while small and childlike, was intended to stir friends toward dreaming.

My Dad

Growing up I would tell my dad what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. He would never laugh at, shoot down, or discourage this process. Even if he knew deep down I would never try to accomplish said dream and knew I might become distracted by the latest one.

It didn’t matter to him. He let me dream. Encouraged it. Invited me to. I think that’s what our Dad in Heaven does too…only to a greater extent.

Does it Matter?

Recently I quizzed my buddy Joe Bunting of the Write Practice why living our dreams matter. His answer…

“Matter to whom?

The funny thing about actually living your dream and not dreaming your dream, is that living it doesn’t look much like a dream. In fact, it’s pretty much just like real life except it’s less safe and it’s more work. To do your “dream” you have to do some pretty non-dreamy things.

Does it matter? Of course it does. Will it hurt? You bet!”

See the thing about dreams is – they involve risk.

I’m hoping to take some risk is starting the process of writing a book. Clock starts September 1st. Will you join me in this journey?

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