So… You Wanna Write A Book?

Yes. I want to write a book.

That’s scary. Like poop in pants scary.

Thing is, I haven’t really wrote…or is it written… in a while – and stopped blogging this last year. I miss it. But more missing writing, I’ve had a goal of writing a book…for years.

This blog is about that process. And I was hoping you’d come along for the ride.

So to kick it off, I’m just gonna list my fears to get them out of the way.

Will anyone read it?  Is it selfish to write about myself – my story? How will I pay to get this going? How will I invest time into this while also having a full time job? I’m only 31, do I have that much to say? Feels like everyone these days writes a book, whats different in what I have to say? Who would publish it? How will I get it published?

And the list of fears go on… and on…

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be someone that only talks about wanting to write. That lists writing a book in their goals/dreams every year, but is afraid to move toward that goal. I must be willing to take risk.

And I gotta start somewhere. This feels like as good a place to start as any.

-Nathan Salley



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